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VA BENEFITS - by Steve Lawver

Created: 8/28/2017
      Hello Forrestal shipmates! My name is Steve Lawver, Bob Kohler asked me to write an article about obtaining your VA benefits. If you served, you are eligible for benefits.
      I'm going to start by talking about signing up for your health benefits, and explaining the process. You can do it either by calling (877)222-8387, or by doing it online. If you chose calling. It is the more convenient way to apply for enrollment. When calling, a VA staff member will collect the needed information and process your enrollment application for a determination of your eligibility. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  If eligible, you will next receive a welcome call, and assist you with scheduling you with a group class at your local VA. Here they will review your health benefits, co pays, and other helpful information as a new enroll e, answer questions, and make a determination of which priority group you will be in. You will also receive a copy of your VA health benefits handbook. This will contain specific information regarding your health benefits, your enrollment priority group assignment. They will next schedule you for your first complete physical with your Primary Care Doctor, at your nearest VA Medical Center.
      If you decide to apply online. You will need to type, into your browser. Next click on health benefits to the left, then click on benefits home, click to apply for VA care, click apply to enroll, scroll down your page to apply online. The process will be explained. You will complete the application and submit, no signature is needed. You will receive a confirmation email that your
application was received. From this point the process will be the same as the call in process.
     In my next article I will take you through to the next process of getting signed up for myhealthy vet and ebenefits accounts.


Steve Lawver

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